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Bailey & Sage Candle Co.

About The Owner

My name is Carla and I am the creator and owner of Bailey & Sage Candle Co. !

The inspiration for starting my company came from my love of candles and my inability to let them go to waste. I believe candles possess the unique ability to enhance the ambiance of any room with a pleasing scent and aesthetic. Whether that scent be fruity or musky, strong or light, candles provide a sense of serenity that anyone would enjoy, especially after a long day. But after a series of long days and candle lit nights, suddenly there are no more candles! 


My issue with the candles I once used was that the wick would always burn out before the wax. After a while, I was left with multiple candle jars containing at least 2 inches of unburned wax at the bottom. Usually one would toss out the remaining wax but I wanted to collect it instead. My vision was to melt all of that residual wax down and combine it to make a new candle! But more long days flew by and the candle jars slowly collected on my bookshelf. Between teaching dentistry at my county's community college and studying for my Master's in Education, I just couldn't make the time for my passion project. Then the year 2020 rolled around, and well, we all know how that story goes.


I was still working simultaneously as a teacher and student, but while in Shelter-in-Place there were no outdoor duties to tend to. Suddenly I had more free time at home than ever before, so I planned to get more studying done. One night after a strenuous study session I went to burn my favorite scent only to realize I had finished it the night before-- I had no more candles left! It was the one thing I really needed at that moment and I couldn't take no (candle) for an answer. I ran to my bookshelf and saw the jars of residual wax from candles I had collected over the year. In that second I realized it was finally time to melt them all down. My three daughters encouraged me to research the best methods to remove and combine all my accumulated wax in order to create a new candle and scent. Said research was conducted and I was able to create-- I finally completed my first homemade candle and lit the wick. Then moments passed and I realized something-- I didn't smell a thing! 


All of my favorite scents together didn't create a super-aroma like I anticipated. Although I was a bit disappointed, I found the entire process of candle making to be really enjoyable in itself. I decided to reproach the craft but this time starting from scratch. Continuous research and experiments quickly ensued as my kitchen began to fill with varieties of jars, waxes, and fragrances. I experienced some failures and complications, but also managed to formulate a handful of alluring aromas that I am very proud of. With my new found passion and support from my business minded family, I've come to create my very own candle company named after my Chihuahua/Terrier (Bailey) and Rottweiler (Sage). Through it all, I've come to appreciate candles so much more, and after reading my story I hope you come to appreciate my candles so much more.


 Here's to new passions,